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Middle Eastern Spiced Char Grilled Lamb Chops
Yogurt, Cumin & Mint

Northern Indian - Aloo Tiki
Marsala Spiced Potato Fritter, Date and Tamarind Coriander Chutney

Vietnamese Nem Cuon
BBQ Pork & Prawn Rolls, Noodles Mini Holy Basil, Nouc Cham Dipping Sauce

Japanese Katsu Tiger Prawn
Teriyaki, Soy, Chilli, Black Sesame Seed


Empire “Raj” Braised Lamb Curry
Kashmiri Chilli, Cinnamon & Mustard Seeds

Nasi Goreng
“Lemon’ Rice”, Fried Shallots & Garlic

Indonesian Coconut Dhal
Tomato, Curry Leaves & Green Chilli

Warm Roti Breads
Sweet Green Mango & Lime Chutney


Persian Orange & Pistachio Tart
Cardamom Milk, Kofi Ice Cream & Rose Water

"The Spice Route"
Menu Price £55 inclusive of wine
7:00pm for 7:30pm

Guest Speaker
Charl du Plessis
Head Winemaker of Spice Route



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Opening times

› Dinner 6.00pm Daily
› Lunch from 12.30pm Friday to Sunday
(off season)
› Tuesday to Sunday
(high season)

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