This month's special cocktails

“RUSSKIY” WHITE RUSSIAN                                          £11
Jersey Royal Mash, Kahlua, Milk (7)

“FRENCH BULL DOG”                                                       £ 11
Jersey Pink Granite, Champagne, Chambord

“DIRTY DOG”  RUM OLD FASHIONED                             £ 11
Jersey Indica Spiced Rum,  Orange & Angostura Bitters

“HOT DIGGIDY DOG”  NEGRONI                                          £ 12
Guernsey Wheadon’s Rock Samphire & Pink  Grapefruit,
Regal Rouge Bold Vermouth  & Campari Milano

All the above Specials are made with Channel Island produced spirits – Cheers !



“SOBER JO” GIMBER MOJITO                                           £ 6
Organic Ginger, Mint, Lime on the Rocks splash
of Sparkling Water – Wow !

COCONUT MYTH                                                                 £ 6
Myth Coconut White Cane Spirit  & Pineapple Juice

PIMMS – ANON  ENGLISH GARDEN                    £ 6
All the usual Fruit, Mint & Lashings of Lemonade

SIR JAMES 101 PINK G & T   £ 4.5
Award winning no alco’ Gin and Tonic

SIR JAMES 101 G & T £ 4.5
Classic, zesty freshness & super delicious!


We have just added some wonderful new non alcoholic wines & sparkling wines from Clarity Wines and Club AF have inspired us to create some fabulous new cocktails.


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