Seared Local Scallops & Crab Parmentier    
Sauce Grenoble and Herb Salad

Thai Hot & Sour Coconut Broth                                        
King Prawns, Sole, Bass, Mussels & Kaffir Lime

Grouville Bay Oysters 
Crushed Ice, Cider Vinegar                     
& Shallots, Lemon & Tabasco (gf)
each - £ 1.70 or x 6 - £ 9.50


Peruvian Spiced Chicken Salad  
Grilled Spiced Chicken Fillets, Grilled Courgettes,     
Blackened Corn, Baby Spinach & Quinoa (gf)

I/2 Jersey Lobster & Crab Thermidor
Jersey Asparagus, Chips, New Potatoes or Rice

St. Aubin Seafood Platter
Lobster, Oysters, Crevettes, Moules a la Crème, 
Scallops in Garlic Butter, Chancre Crab Claws, Spider Crab
Salad, Chips or New Potatoes & Rustic Bread Basket (gf*)
£37.5 p/p

Vegetarian Thali 
Sri Lankan Cauliflower Curry, Kerala Mutter Paneer, Sambar, 
Green Mango Salad,     Naan Bread, Saffron Basmati, Pear Chutney (gf*)


Apple Tart Tatin 
Jersey Apple Brandy Ice Cream & Blackberry Gel

Caramelised Rice Pudding 
Spiced Plum Compote 

Quickes Extra Mature, Cashel Blue, Winslade

Single Cheese Plate  
One of the above
Fig Chutney & Rustic Crackers (gf - oatcakes)
£ 5.50

Cheese Board Selection  
All three of the above carefully selected cheeses with 
Fig Chutney, Grapes & Rustic Crackers (gf - oatcakes) 
£ 8

Or why not try one of these ?    
Rich Hot Chocolate Liquor Shot
Amaretto Biscuit to Dip            
£ 4.50
Jersey Vanilla Ice Cream  
Pedro Ximinez  Sherry (gf)
£ 5



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